Comparing Dog Insurance

Running dogs 300x225 Comparing Dog InsuranceMy experiences with dog insurance has been mixed at best. At issue was the amount the insurance I actually paid out when my dog was sick or needed shots, and how much I was paying for the insurance itself. These days my two dogs are both seniors, and I find it would be a waste of time to try to find dog insurance for them. I could be wrong, I just haven’t looked because I assume that because of their age, insurance would be hard to come by. So it’s been several years since I’ve actually researched dog insurance.

However, these days there are a lot more providers of dog insurance. And with the help of the internet it’s easier than ever to compare them. I did a quick net search and this insurance review site was the first to pop up. There are over ten dog insurance companies listed on the page, ranked from 1 to 10. Now pretending I’m getting insurance for my senior Bichon Frises, I picked Healthy Paws on the basis of it having a 9.8 rating. Which by the way is the highest rated insurance provider on the page. I entered my pet’s information into their get a free quote form and hit submit.

Low and behold, they will cover my 12 year old dog for about $46 a month, with a 70% reimbursement and a $500 deductible.
Not bad I guess since he is 12, and is more prone to health problems than a younger dog. But $600 a year, plus probably another $600 a year for my other senior dog is not in our budget right now.  However it is nice to know that I can find senior pet insurance for my dogs if I want it.

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